Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

Workshop Testimonials

  • “Keith Merron has a unique ability to share deep and inspiring wisdom about leadership in a way that inspires you and moves you to action that matters. He gets at the core of what's important and teaches us that its much more about character, core values and beingness than it is about the frenetic busyness that you see in so many of today's organizational leaders.”
    — Judi Neal
     President, Spirit in Business
  • “Your workshop was of tremendous value to me. Not only was the workshop instructive in helping me see and understand the limitations I place on myself, but it was motivational and empowering in displaying for me how those limitations can be removed or overcome. I see more clearly now, after having attended your workshop, how I am truly master of my own destiny and will live with the consequences of my own choices, whatever they may be.”
    — Zane Christensen
  • “One cannot teach well what one hasn't mastered. Dr. Keith Merron has shown me he has the ability to teach Facilitation Mastery”
    — Anon

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