Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

Workshop Testimonials

  • “I just wanted to thank you both again for an incredible program. It was a privilege to witness and experience two master facilitators at work. I’ll tell you that I still have lots stirring.”
    — Steven Krieger
  • “I feel stronger and more confident. I feel comfortably in command, just steadily moving into a more fuller and open space. I am more aware of myself, my power and where I consciously and subconsciously distribute it. And I am starting to take it back in. It's mine, I have earned it. I am more aware of where I go left and right. It's more hindsight, but I am starting to catch it in the moment. Then I remember my Vision and I stay my course. It was a powerful workshop. Tectonic shifts indeed... I feel them. Well done.”
    — Ari Pritzios
  • “I am very pleased to find myself practicing/expressing my power. I find this practice a much more satisfying approach to my life -- which remains challenging to me.”
    — Anon
  • “I sense lots a tectonic shifting happening inside; so hopefully, the picture will change along with my outlook. I'm the same guy as before (lots of nightmares). It's just that now, I feel that it is time to step into my adult self. Again, thanks for being there.”
    — Todd Kerr
  • “You did an outstanding job:
    - creating a safe ground for sharing
    - creating exercises to pry open our hearts and souls
    - adapting on-the-fly, gracefully
    - providing empathy and straight-talk during BIG shares
    And most of all, you added something that's real hard to achieve in workshops/retreats: Magic!” Magic makes anything possible. It helped bond the group together. Thanks to you, I've peeled away a few layers and feel lighter and stronger as a result. Ah, but there is no finish line...”
    — Ward Flock
  • “The work, and the committment to keep "working it" has held solid and expanded during this week following the workshop. While I remind myself that workshop "highs" generally have a half-life, this somehow feels a little different. Here's why:
    1) I've had some post workshop breakthroughs & continue to play w/fundamental shifts deep w/in,
    2) I sense there's a cohesive group to continue beyond the workshop, & have already been w/3 diff men from the group last week,
    3) I'm holding the possibility that last week's work sticks longer and is more "viral" in creating ongoing awarenesses w/in me.”
    — Michael Lipson
  • “I am feeling really great, and very integrated in my power. Two examples: I spoke in front of 100 investors and business people on Wednesday, pitching my company as a potential investment for them. I felt confident, and I felt that I belonged (a new sensation for me)

    2nd example: On Saturday, I coached the partners in a small business for 8 1/2 hours through some very difficult terrain. I had never done this before, but entered it confidently. It went great, and afterwards, I felt proud of myself for being able to move these embattled partners into good relationship, and giving them great tools to use for the future. In the past, I would have been extremely nervous walking into a gig with this much at stake. I'm feeling like I could handle just about anything. That feels great!”
    — Lion Goodman
  • “I thought you put together a great workshop … short on chitchat and long on experience.  You role modeled outstanding relationship between men who are by nature different, but who have learned how to capitalize on those differences rather than fight over them.  Although I perceived that you made choices on who facilitated what to take advantage of your strengths or background, my direct experience of the workshop was a unified style, values system and intention.  I experienced none of that, “Oh, here comes the ritual queen to do her thing” schizophrenic feel that sometimes occurs.  I was in awe of the precision and prescience of your facilitation … consistently waking up 5 seconds after the fact saying to myself, “Ooohhh, that was a good call.”  I felt no judgment in the room.”
    — Wallace Mann
  • “Just want to put my voice (so to speak) into the virtual circle and say WOW! I was profoundly impacted by the weekend - in so many ways - and I want to express my love for all of you and a happy Valentines in whatever form it takes!”
    — Ken Kingsbury
  • “I wanted to put my feelings into writing. THANK YOU! You held a vision for me and then allowed me to create my own vision. So I just wanted to say thank you again. The workshop had a huge impact on me and I’ve been working with the feedback I received. Ive even been told by my assistant that I’m 100 percent different than before the workshop. Take care and keep doing great work!”
    — Howard Stern

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