Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

Tools for Conscious Leadership(preview)

The height of leadership effectiveness depends on the ability of a leader to embody fully who he or she is—to authentically express one’s purpose and act in full alignment with one’s principles. This is a leader’s greatest challenge and the single quality that differentiates great leaders from the rest of the pack. Great leaders are conscious, aware of the impact they have on others and choiceful in their actions.

The tools offered here support leaders in becoming more conscious and effective. Among these tools are the Leadership Learning Groups, which provide opportunities for personalized study and development of leadership capability. In the future we envision offering diagnostic tools for leaders and articles that we believe are crucial for conscious leaders. If you have recommendations to add to our body of resources, please let us know. We hope you enjoy and take full advantage of our offerings.

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