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The Final Lesson: A Coming of Age Novel about Leadership

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The Final Lesson

The Final Lesson

This book is a coming of age story about a man who has a series of discoveries about his own life that leads him from being fearful and withheld to becoming a courageous leader.  Doug Wickes, the principle character in the book transforms from a quiet, unassuming “good guy,” to a man who plays a key role in turning about a business and his own life.  Though his education and discovery, the reader learns about the essence of great leadership.

The story takes place in a company that is on the brink of extinction.  This once great company has been tattered and torn, and is now in ruins.  Doug Wickes has been President of the company for 2 years following the footsteps of his father, who in turn took over the reins of the company from his father, the founder of the company. Unfortunately, under Doug’s leadership, the company is seriously faltering and hemorrhaging money. Morale is way down; suspicions are rampant that there will be massive lay-offs.

The book opens on the company’s monthly board meeting.  The purpose of the board meeting is to decide when and how to fire Doug. Doug is a poor leader and has taken the company down through poor leadership.  He is being forced to step down from his position by the Board.  Cal, Doug’s father, and Chairman of the Board convinces the Board to give him one last chance, but along with this chance is a condition.  He must undergo 8 weeks of the most intensive leadership training in the world—one that is unlike anything that has ever existed.  If Doug fails the training, and the tests associated with it, he will be fired, and the reins of the company will be given to Conrad Steele, a slice and dice turnaround expert who is Doug’s arch enemy.

Thus begins a powerful odyssey into the nature of leadership and what it means to live life to the fullest.  Throughout the book, the reader engages in an exploration of the essence of leadership and keeps wondering up until the books final dramatic climax: “What is the Final Lesson—the lesson that ever leader needs to get if he or she is to become a great leader?”  The book is intended to keep this question alive throughout as through Doug, the reader learns the lessons of leadership and of life.