Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

The New Era of Business

As the new century takes form, leaders of businesses are experiencing the dawn of a new era. As chronicled by so many, we live at a turning point in the history of society and of business. Just as pre-industrial America gave way to an industrial society in the late 1800s, our highly bureaucratized industrial society in the late 1900s is now giving way to a “postindustrial” society.

The primacy of machinery and large-scale production is being replaced by rapid growth in technology, an increase in accessibility of information, a heightened consciousness of the population, and a shift from emphasis on products to services. These changes are like no other ever experienced in the history of our planet. They are so fundamental they affect all organizations in both public and private sectors.

These changes mark the beginning of an era where change is no longer an event to respond to and stability the norm. Now, change is a constant and it is happening at an ever-increasing rate. As a result, for the first time in the history of our planet, we have an opportunity to shape the rules of success in this new era. And no one yet holds the key to all the answers.

This talk is designed to stimulate business leaders to think and then act differently as leaders. The purpose of the talk is to wake leaders up to the social and business forces that are emerging and through guided thinking and shared exploration, provide them with the tools to get ahead of the change curve. In this presentation and discussion, Dr. Merron will offer information about the changes we are experiencing and challenge participants to think about the implications for leadership and for their business.

It is an exciting time. We are living in the middle of a transition, the outcome of which is unknown. In this exploration, participants will think about and begin to write their script for future organizational success.

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