Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

In Search of Remarkable Leadership

So much is written about leadership and so little is understood. Even worse, what is known about great leadership is rarely enacted. In the area of leadership, the gap between what we know and what people do is huge.

This is due to a large extent to the fact that the focus of research and writing about leadership is on the skills and traits of leaders and not on the deeper elements that make the biggest difference. In the book, The Little Prince, the fox is quoted as saying, “what is meaningful is invisible to the eye.” This is true about leadership. Leadership is not an action–it is a place where you come from when you act.

Based on this premise, for the past two years, Dr. Merron has been conducting in depth interviews with dozens of remarkable leaders throughout North America to get at the heart and soul of what extraordinarily leadership is all about. This research forms the basis of his upcoming book called The Golden Flame.

In this presentation, Dr. Merron shares his personal quest to understand the essential ingredients that make up great leadership and invites participates to get to the heart of what matters. This presentation highlights the three most important factors that define great leadership and differentiates great leaders from the rest of the pack.

Through discovering these factors and articulating them in an engaging, thought provoking way, this talk will not only tantalize ones thoughts and reach into your soul, it will invite you to connect to the great leader within.

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