Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

Discovering Your Company’s Vision

In today’s business climate, there exists far more myth than fact about creating an organization’s vision. Almost every organization claims to have one, yet few truly live their vision. Based on over 20 years experience helping organizations identify, cultivate, and manifest their vision, Dr. Merron offers the latest research and case examples of how vision can make a big difference in your organization and what it takes to create powerful and lasting vision.

In particular, he unearths some of the elusive myths about vision and shows how vision is both highly practical and at the same time requires enormous determination and focus to make it a successful means of propelling ones organization toward greatness.

In Search of Remarkable Leadership

Designing a High Performance Culture

Seeing Systems

Leadership that Makes a Difference

The New Era of Business

Aligning Your Organization For Enduring Success