Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

Aligning Your Organization For Enduring Success

Most leaders in today’s business climate have little ability to see their organization as a natural, living system. They see the parts, but the ability to see the whole system is elusive. Part of the reason is our natural human tendency to compartmentalize.

Another is the highly mechanistic model upon which most organizations were built. As a result, few leaders know how to change or grow their organization in an enduring fashion. Based on over 24 years of experience in helping organizations shift as a whole, Dr. Merron elucidates the principles and practices of growing a powerful organization that lasts.

In particular, he offers a model for how to see, understand, and affect change in the whole organizational system, and demonstrates the model in practice in a number of highly successful organizations.

At the core of this model is the understanding that there are 5 key forces that together create an organization’s underlying social architecture. They are its vision, the leadership team, the organization’s strategy, structure, and culture. Together, these form the fabric of the organization. An organization’s health is dependent on the degree to which these forces are clear, aligned with one another and that all key players are committed to them.

Alignment is the piece that eludes most leaders in that, more often than not, they guide their businesses in ways that result in key parts of the organization in tension with one another. For example, one organization created a vision statement that included highly humanistic, collaborative core values, with a strategy that was focused on efficiency.

Another had teamwork as an essential ingredient, yet rewarded people primarily for heroic behavior. These incongruities elude leaders when they don’t see the system as a whole. Dr. Merron has focused his consulting practice on organizational systems and has helped build dozens of successful, enduring organizations based on his alignment model. The model also formed the basis of his critically acclaimed book: Riding the Wave: Designing Your Organization For Enduring Success.

In this presentation, Dr. Merron shares his model of organizational success, offer compelling examples. In addition, he invites participants to assess their organization in relation to the model and identify clear and powerful ways of moving their organization toward greater and more enduring success.

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