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Riding The Wave: Designing Your Organization’s Architecture for Enduring Success

If your organization is going to achieve long-term sustainable success, it must be able to respond quickly and effectively to the rapid waves of change that characterize today’s evolving global marketplace.

While many theories offer reasons why companies are feeling pressured to sustain a competitive edge, the practical issue of how this can be accomplished in a rigorous, systematic way has yet to be fully outlined.

Dr. Keith Merron’s Riding the Wave is a hands-on guide for business leaders who need to increase their organization’s capacity to anticipate change and respond in a way that positions it for greater success.

Packed with practical examples drawn from Merron’s vast experience as an organizational consultant, Riding the Wave

  • Explains the five elements core to your organization’s architecture – vision, strategic direction, strategic goals, culture, and structure – and reveals the high cost of mismanagement.
  • Explores the key values and principles that must be at the foundation of any attempt at redesigning the organization.
  • Examines the preparatory phases of the process, including how you can effectively communicate the need for a new architecture throughout the company, as well as how to accurately assess your company’s readiness for such a transformation.
  • Offers unique, step-by-step guidance on changing that architecture – including how you can clarify your company’s vision and strategic direction, build a high performance culture, set strategic goals, and structure your organization for optimal success.
  • Enables you to evaluate your efforts and alerts you to the critical features of the learning organization that is continually adaptable and poised for growth.

Whether your company is large or small, fledgling or firmly established, Riding the Wave provides you with the field-tested tools and techniques that will ensure your organization’s ability to harness the forces of organizational change, taking it to new levels of sustainable performance and profitability.

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