Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

Consulting Testimonials

  • “I have heard nothing but praise for your work at the offsite —as always you continue to surprise and dazzle the new comers!!”
    — Barbara Sequel
  • “Dr. Merron guided the leadership and other members of our customer service organization through the development of a shared vision. He also established a process on how our organization could make progress towards our shared vision without his involvement including the enablement of an internal consultant. The results of Dr. Merron's guidance have been outstanding —our organization has won 3 industry recognized customer service awards while being highly cost effective. We also have a very high level of employee satisfaction and are recognized internally within our larger organization as a model organization.”
    — Daud Mahmud
     Director, PI&E Capability Support Operations, Andersen Consulting
  • “It was so great to see you yesterday! Last night and this morning I was thinking about our lunch, and what stood out so strongly was the level of truthfulness I experienced from you. I have a number of friends for whom I would say truth is very important. They are psychologists and organizational consultants capable of constructive confrontation —and would never lie. But the experience with you is different. Truth seems to be where you reside all of the time. In our entire conversation yesterday, there were no throw-away interchanges; no social "fluff;" no hesitation about what's OK to say —only courageous truth. It felt SO wonderfully solid and real. You are a gem, Keith.”
    — Susan Hoffer
  • “Keith went to the root of how I could view the world differently, to get the results I am seeking, both personally and professionally.”
    — Henry Cassidy
     Senior Vice President, Freddie Mac
  • “Keith encouraged me to have the courage of my own convictions.”
    — Mike Andrews
     Director, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • “I have really appreciated the opportunity to work with you this year and am especially grateful for your time and energy these past several days.”
    — Patty Isacson Sabee
     Senior Director, Seattle Symphony Orchestra
  • “I want to thank you for working with me and the CC team. In less than a year since we started working with you I am seeing huge improvements. Yesterday’s meeting showed that the team is starting to gel and we are holding ourselves accountable on a level I have not seen before. Your company survey is a brilliant tool to let us all look into the mirror and see where we are right now and what we have to change to get to the next level. Thanks again for guiding me and the team on our leadership journey. We love working with you and appreciate everything you do for us.”
    — Uwe Druckenmueller
     CEO, Cruiser Customizing
  • “I appreciated the gentleness and supportive care you showed Bob as he struggled with his desire to do facilitation; the way you urged John to work on his book about bats —he did come alive when he was talking about that story; the way you brought Steve into the conversation from his finance/real estate perspective; the warmth you showed Aaryn with her desire to help foster kids; and your interest in my story. You shared the current place you hold very frankly —it served as a good model for others to follow.”
    — Eric Craven
  • “Your company survey is a brilliant tool to let us all look into the mirror and see where we are right now and what we have to change to get to the next level.”
    — Uwe Druckenmueller
     CEO, Cruiser Customizing