Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
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Consulting Mastery Reviews

Praise for Consulting Mastery: How the Best Make the Biggest Difference

“This book is rooted in the reality of this work. The result is this thought-provoking book for dedicated consultants who want to fine tune their thinking about their practice and their lives.”

-Geoff Bellman, author of The Consultant’s Calling and The Beauty of the Beast

“It is about time someone gave us a major wakeup call: the time has come to authentically walk the talk. Keith Merron has powerfully set a new context for consulting that we all should strive to master.”

-Barbara Annis, author of Same Words Different Language: Why Men and Women Don’t Understand Each Other and What to Do About It

“Keith Merron has written a book about consulting that casts a clear light on the full range of practices from the large professional firms to the very heart of the individual practitioner. Showing his own vulnerability and mastery with vivid examples, he invites both consultants themselves and their clients to define a new standard of consulting mastery.”

-Bill Torbert, Professor, Carroll School of Management, Boston College, and author of Action Inquiry: The Secret of Timely and Transforming Leadership

“A must-read for anybody who aspires to be an excellent consultant. Merron has challenged many assumptions that drive-and doom-too many consulting engagements. Most of all, he has demanded that we look deeply at how we operate: ‘Doctor, heal thyself.'”

-David Bradford, Ph.D, coauthor of Managerial Excellence, The Crisis in OD and Power Up: Transforming Organizations Through Shared Leadership

“In this book, Keith Merron talked to my heart as well as my head. It reminded me of how much my heart was involved in my consulting work through the years when I truly felt that I made a difference. I recommend this book to any consultant who wants to demonstrate mastery in her or his work. I also recommend it to any possible client that seeks to hire someone who can make a difference.”

-Jack L. Knight, President, University Associate, Inc.

“In this must-read book, Keith Merron gets to the heart of consulting as a personal and reliable service to individual leaders and their organizations…. [It] effectively outlines how to consult from the heart and will be especially valuable for those consultants wishing to mature in their own professional development.”

-Hank Walker, Former CEO, Providence Health Systems

“Consulting Mastery gives us a grand tour of the internal terrain of what it takes to BE a conscious consultant, over and above what it takes to DO good consulting. This is not just a book to read; it is a book to feel, ponder and live with in your heart, mind and soul.”

-Linda Ackerman Anderson, Co-Founder, Being First, Inc.

“Keith Merron has written an astounding overview of consulting, why it’s in the trouble it’s in, and what consultants can do to fix their own practices. He argues that the purpose of any consulting intervention is to attain change with the client. Consultants, however, generally don’t lead with this value proposition to the client. They present their brilliance, which can’t be transferred and, by definition, is gone once the consultant leaves. And they too often focus on their own income desires. Both interfere with client change. Merron offers specific advice that consultants would take heed to follow if they are to help their clients change rather than just spend money for some smart guy to tell them what to do.”

-Janelle Barlow, President of U.S. Division of TMI and author of Branded Customer Service and A Complaint is a Gift

“Keith Merron’s provocative and compelling work is a must-read for today’s consultants, whether they be seasoned professionals or aspiring junior Jedi. It’s a clinic on what it takes to go beyond success and really master the consulting art. Executives who engage, hire or supervise consultants will make better decisions once they read this book. I most strongly recommend it and use it with our students and clients.”

-William Belgard, Executive Director, The American Center for Strategic Transformation, and coauthor of Shaping The Future