Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

Consulting Mastery: How the Best Make the Biggest Difference



  • Shows consultants how to go beyond simply solving clients’ problems to creating fundamental and lasting organizational change
  • Draws on interviews with 14 master consultants to explore what distinguishes masterful consulting from ordinary consulting
  • Takes the reader on a five-stage journey to becoming a master consultant

Most consultants are content to solve clients’ specific problems-increasing sales, finding the best IT system, developing a new product, reducing turnover, etc. But to truly be of service and make a bigger difference, consultants need to be operating at a deeper level, addressing the fundamental underlying patterns that prevent clients from helping themselves and achieving higher levels of performance and effectiveness. This requires that the consultant create a true empowering partnership with the client. This is consulting mastery.

Consultants who care about their craft ache to have a big impact with their clients, yet all too often they are engaged in a process or a relationship that produces little more than being somewhat helpful. They follow a consulting model that is not designed to make the biggest difference. It is designed to make a lot of money, or to add value, often to the detriment of making a real and enduring difference.

Moreover, most consultants cannot see the limiting features of their own approach because they are following a paradigm that seems to make sense yet is rarely discussed, challenged, or examined. After all, most consulting firms that make a lot of money follow the same model, so it must be successful. Why question it?

Drawing on interviews with fourteen master consultants, as well as with ten executives who have worked extensively with consultants, author Dr. Keith Merron puts forth the premise that the most powerful engine that makes a difference is the consultant’s inner stance-his attitudes, assumptions, beliefs, goals and strategies that underlie the consulting practice. In other words, it is the inner qualities of the consultant that differentiate a great consultant from the rest of the pack.

Consulting Mastery: How the Best Make the Biggest Difference follows a natural flow of learning-from a conceptual understanding of consulting mastery, to a vision of mastery in action, to learning how to attain mastery in oneself. This book will inspire readers to examine their consulting practice and adopt goals and strategies that will help them make a bigger and more profound impact in their work and in their client organizations.

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