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I Love Dynasties

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

I Love Dynasties


In a world where it is common to root for the underdog, I am going to take a risk and share quite openly that: I LOVE DYNASTIES!

Yes, I admit it. I root for the top dog—the one who figured it out

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and got there by picking themselves up by the bootstraps, and who dared to defy the odds. I root for the person who has shown us what greatness is, and then works their butt off to stay on top. I root for the teammate who puts in the extra hours, keeps thinking about how to stay ahead of the pack, and who is never complacent. I root for the New England Patriots, Tiger Woods, Serena Williams, The Boston Celtics, Roger Federer, Muhammad Ali, and Annika Sorenstam…..and Apple Computer.

It is not that they show us who we are, but who we can become. My interest in greatness and mastery is not elitism. I believe everyone has greatness in them. I root for dynasties because they teach us so much about what aspiration means and what achievement means at the highest level. I especially root for the teams and organizations that were not fed from a silver spoon, and who rose up against all odds. I believe that you can take people who are ordinary and create an extraordinary process or culture where the sum is a powerful, winning combination. Sorry NY Yankees and George Steinbrenner; I don’t root for you. You paid your way to stardom and that teaches us little.

Some of my friends root for the downtrodden, the underdog, and the masses, and I do too. Just because I love dynasties, it doesn’t mean I care less about everyone else. Quite the opposite. What I really love is when someone rises

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up from out of nowhere, finds their own way, and then shows us that anyone can be a top dog. It is the heroic journey that I love and it is those that took the road less travelled and came out ahead that show us so much about who we all are and what we are all are capable of.

So you go, Patriots. Come on, Roger, beat ‘em again. Yeah for the San Antonio Spurs. Let’s hope once again the Boston Celtics rise to teach us what teamwork and sacrifice can do.