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Barack Obama

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

SunsetAs the first anniversary of Barack Obama’s inauguration approaches,

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I notice my thoughts drifting to the kind of President he has been in my eyes.

When people learn about my interest in, research, and writing about leadership, so many ask me about my impressions of Obama. So here it is.

Put simply, I believe Obama is the most mature President of this country I have ever witnessed and perhaps the most mature of any President in history. I have nothing to back up that claim other than my own sense of him. I am not big into politics (I’m sorry mom) and for the most part, distaste most politicians, but I find Obama a different sort than most others. I believe he speaks hard truths. I believe he spins his message as little as possible, and I believe he calls others up to face the challenges of our lives. When faced with confrontation, he rarely confronts back.

Someone once said that the sign of maturity is the ability to inhibit one’s impulses, and in that sense, Obama is highly mature. He measures his words, not to spin them so much as to be sure they are received in the spirit in which he intends.

He is also playful and easy in front of others suggesting there are few differences between his public self and private self. The term “comfortable in his own skin” applies to him. cialis He has few twitches, scowls, twists of his face or contorted sentences, the absence of which suggest authenticity.

All of these things tell me that he is highly developed from an ego maturity standpoint, and to the extent that I believe that high ego maturity correlates with leadership effectiveness, his leadership will likely go down in history as one of the most positively impactful on the planet. It already has, as his election has begun to heal so many wounds between races, countries, and people. He does not come across as arrogant or antagonistic as George Bush appeared to so many in this country and from other countries.

Obama seems to have little to prove. While George Dubya came across to me as petulant, trying to prove to his father and to himself he can be a strong leader (qualities that imply weakness to me), Obama comes across as not trying to prove anything. He appears good with himself, and so comes across as confident and not arrogant.

Whether you like his politics or not, I hope readers will consider the possibility that his conduct and character have already and will continue to represent this country well.