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Being Authentic

Friday, December 4th, 2009

leadership1I just got off the phone with a leader of a rapidly growing, highly successful business and was deeply moved by the leader’s deep and abiding commitment to his own journey of learning.  Here is a man who by almost all standards is quite accomplished as a business leader and yet, in spite of that, he had a great deal of difficulty owning that he was a great leader.

Instead, he focused

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on what he needed to learn about to better himself and his leadership and how he had so much more to give.  His humility and grace was apparent and in sharp contrast to how so many leaders in life believe their own press.

In the research for my recent book, The Golden Flame, I set out to find great leaders in part because I got tired of hearing about, reading about, and witnessing myself the number of leaders whose ambitions cause them to spin doctor themselves and the truth around them.  Thankfully, I have found many remarkable leaders who are not like that.

The leader I am referring to above was so un-selfconsious, so unpretentious, that I immediately trusted him and could easily see how he has built an organization characterized by loyalty and commitment.  Turnover is low in the company not because people have few options or because they are drawn to the money, but because they trust him.

This leader’s enthusiasm was also infectious–his enthusiasm for life, for his work, for the company and what it can become in the world, and for learning.  What if greatness in leadership has all to do with being human and not being great?