Unlocking the Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership, Keith Merron
Remarkable Leadership

If You Are a Conscious Leader, This Site is for You

This website is for leaders living on the edge, experimenting with new and exciting forms of social and business organization. It is for leaders who are committed to deep learning and who are willing and able to face their own patterns and limiting beliefs in the service of growth and of being a more capable leader.

As the new century takes form, leaders of organizations are experiencing a turning point in history-one that is perhaps more rapid and profound than any other. RemarkableLeaders.com explores the behaviors, attitudes, and ways of being that are or have the potential to define this new era of leadership and organizational life.

Just as pre-industrial America gave way to an industrial society in the late 1800s, our highly bureaucratized industrial society in the late 1900s has rapidly given way to a “postindustrial” society. The primacy of machinery and large-scale production has been replaced by rapid growth in technology, an increase in accessibility of information, a heightened consciousness of the population, and a shift from emphasis on products to services.

These changes are like no other ever experienced in the history of our planet. They are so fundamental they affect all organizations in both public and private sectors.

These changes mark the beginning of an era where change is a constant and it is happening at an ever-increasing rate. As a result, it is nigh on impossible to predict the future and organize effectively for that future.

The ability to adapt is no longer the defining quality of successful organizations. For the first time in history, we have an opportunity to shape the rules of success in this new era. And no one yet holds the key to all the answers.

Meetings with Remarkable Leaders

In the span of 2 years, I conducted meetings with 36 leaders of all walks of life who offer clues to the future direction of leadership. keith-kathyEach of these leaders are leading organizations that are charting new paths in their industries. And the organization is great, in part, as a result of the conduct and character of the leader. This is my working definition of a remarkable leader: one who inspires others to go beyond the beyond—to forge new paths inside themselves and the world around them.

The results of these interviews as well as my observations about leadership have culminated in my most recently published book: The Golden Flame: The Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership.

To Whom This Website is Aimed

The contents of the website are directly based upon the lessons learned from these meetings and are designed to offer an emerging view of leadership in this new era.

By sharing my views and experiences of remarkable leaders, I hope to inspire and ignite the leadership potential in all visitors to this site, whether they hold positions of leadership or not. This website is designed to not only give you information about remarkable leadership but also offer services and products related to it, including talks I give, podcasts, opportunities to get guidance from me and other information related to great leadership.

What qualifies me to offer this website is that I have been researching and studying leadership for over 28 years as well as personally coached well over 100 CEOs and executive leaders in my career. In addition, I have led or played a key role in transforming dozens of organizations and helping them become extraordinary. Please see the attached bio for more information about me and my consulting firm that focuses on creating high performing organizations characterized by great cultures.